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Top 5 Tips for Newbie Podcasters

Podcast have been around for a very long time, but if your like me and just starting out, here are some pointers and tips one from one newbie to another.

Just to give you some background on my experience with podcasting (and to self promote my own podcast of course), I started podcasting about two years ago.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, not that that makes me anymore qualified then you, but I’m sharing that small piece about me to help give you a sense of my backstory.

With a focus on Radio/TV and Film, my childhood dream was to go into sports broadcasting. Which is say is pretty much the standard backup for any kid with dreams of making it to the NBA. And after being told so many times that I have a great voice for radio; the idea of becoming a radio personality didn’t seem far fetched, but at the time it was taken as one of those things that people generally say to individuals with deep/unique voices.

And after years of convincing myself that I didn’t have the proper resources to start my own Podcast or Radio show, fast forward to the 2017 and the advancement technology and mobile apps, I stumbled across a podcasting app called Anchor and the rest was history.

So with that said, before I get into these tips, if you’d like to join me on my podcasting journey as I build my show and following from the ground up, check out my podcast The Social Introvert available iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast and wherever you may listen to podcasts.

I say that because these tips are genuine and authentic. These are things that I’ve come to realize over time have helped me stay focus and motivated to continue to create and inspire not only new content for my podcast but hopefully it inspires the Podcasters in you to keep going and doing your thing!

Sometimes all we need as creatives is a little support and direction and that’s exactly what I’m here to do. So if your just starting out or have been contemplating starting your own podcast these tips (in no particular order) should have you well on your way.

1. Stay Patient

  • Manage your expectations. 
  • Although it is possible for your podcast to become a hit overnight; the reality is it probably won’t. 
  • So avoid setting the bar too high but don’t set it too low either.  
  • Find a happy medium and the rest will take care of itself.

2. Start Recording

  • Don’t think about it, just do it! The most important thing here is to just start.  
  • Record, record, record, and then record some more. Remember, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to publish it.

3. Work With What You Have

  • You don’t need expensive recording equipment or fancy microphones as your mobile device is more than capable when you’re just starting out.  
  • All smartphones these days have some kind of recording tool plus there are tons of recording apps available for Android and iOS devices. 

4. Limit Stressing Over the Little Things

  • Avoid being a perfectionist (if possible). 
  • Try not to get carried away with spending so much time on editing that you start to second guess what you recorded.
  • Remember you’re only human and you’re going to make mistakes.  
  • The key is to learn from your mistakes, move on to the next episode and keep progressing forward.
  • Just relax and find your voice. Give it time, it will come. 
  • We’re all unique in our own way so embrace whatever quirkiness you may have. It’s what makes you special and could be the one thing that helps separates you from other podcasters.

5. Be Authentic & Stay True to Who You Are

  • It’s ok to step outside your comfort zone and try new things, but it’s 2019 and your listeners will be able to tell when your being genuine and when your being fake.
  • My advice would be; stick to what you know.
  • Like I said earlier, we’re all genuine in our own way, and you’ll feel more confident talking about things you know a lot about.

At the end of the day, just have fun!

Minor roadblocks and setbacks will happen, but try not to let it takeaway the fun of Podcasting and sharing who you are with the world.

When I first started out, I use to compare myself to professional podcasters all the time.  It took me awhile to realize I was doing myself a disservice by comparing myself to individuals who had already put in the work and were obviously not at the same stage as me.

However, I do recommend checking out and listening to other podcasts.  Use them as inspiration. And keep a notebook handy to brainstorm and jot down ideas and topics for your podcast. If carrying around a notebook cramps your style, most mobile devices feature some kind of stock notepad you can use or you can just download one.