Celebrating Black History

As BHM comes to a close, explore a Portrait Gallery that celebrates those who have transformed African American History, by leaving a footprint for success that will last for ages.

Sun Palace

Sun Palace is an Adults-Only All-Inclusive Resort just off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and was recently ranked as one of the Top Hotels for Romance in 2019.

Top Five: Imported Beers

Whether you’re a heavy beer drinker trying to cut back, tired of the watered-down domestic options, or just looking to expand your palette, here are five imports that’ll have you set after just one (okay, maybe two).

In Focus

Not only do some of the coolest people in the world wear glasses but the so-called “Nerd” look is a trend that looks like its here to stay. With more and more people no longer hiding in the shadows because they wear glasses.  Nerds made glasses cool, while celebrities and influencers made them fashionable. Once prescription contacts came into play, for most people it meant bye bye glasses. But somewhere over the last ten years, reading glasses became cool and quite the accessory.

5 Tips to Planning a Romantic Night at Home

We all so often get caught in the rat race and forget to slow down, live in the moment, and appreciate our significant others. If you’re looking simple ways to reconnect and/or build a deeper connection with your significant other, follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way.

Black Friday

Black Friday is the holy grail day for shopping, mega sales, promos and every other discount under the sun.  But what you don’t know about this annual event is there are two sides to every story.