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The 2018 Espy Awards

As Danica Patrick became the first woman in history to host the ESPYS Award Show, here’s a quick recap of what you might have missed.

For those that don’t know, The ESPYs is an award show which pays tribute and honors some of today’s brightest stars in Sports. In the past, this award show has always leaned on the shoulders of a male athlete to host the show. However, this year the tables have turned. Considering there are so many great, dominant female athletes, having a woman host, has been way overdue!

2018 has been a year of empowering women so I’m sure ESPN had this in the back of their minds when they selected Patrick to host the show. Being that this was such a milestone, there were some things that stood out to me. Now don’t get me wrong this post isn’t to be critical of the show, but I’m weird like that and I notice little things that the average viewer probably could care less about. But hey…you never know, maybe these things stood out to you too.

The Writers

For whatever reason when the show started I felt like the jokes just weren’t that funny. Not sure if it was the delivery or the quality but they seemed a little dry at first but then picked up momentum as the show progress. Danica Patrick doesn’t seem like the “host” type so I’m sure that probably played a part.

Breakthrough Athlete of the Year

Utah Jazz v Boston Celtics

I don’t know about you all that were watching but it seemed pretty clear to me that Donovan Mitchell was going to win, especially since he was already snubbed for NBA Rookie of the Year. Having Ben Simmons (NBA Rookie of the Year) as a candidate as well just made it that more obvious.

Best Game

The USA Olympic Women’s Hockey Team won the award for Best Game. Not for nothing, and as much as I watch the Olympics I probably should have known this but consider I don’t follow hockey (or the Winter Olympics for that matter) I didn’t even know we had a Women’s National Hockey team, let alone know that they won a gold medal. #WhereHaveIBeen

Awkward Applauding

You would think that with the ESPYs being an annual televised event there would be some applause etiquette or control. In some cases, people weren’t clapping when they should’ve been, leaving both speakers and award winners to “tell” the audience when to clap. But then, on the other hand, people would be clapping in the middle of speeches. For some reason, just made the production seem unorganized.


With the start of the show starting out a little dry, the skits gave the show momentum and provided some much-needed laughter. I thought the skits were pretty funny myself and Patrick did a good job. The DaniKids skit was hilarious with the jokes from the little girl along with the I, Danica and rap career skits had me laughing out loud. The icing on the cake (for me) was having Jim Gaffigan as a presenter was just genius. Odd. But genius.

Which leads me to this next one…

Best Championship Performance


Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles won the award, and for the most part, I feel it was well deserved. He may not have had eye jolting staggering stats, but his performance in the Super Bowl against a stiff New England Patriots defense probably surprised a ton of viewers. Once MVP candidate Carson Wentz went down with a season-ending injury I’m not everyone thought the Eagles season was over, including myself. But he persevered and help the team together long enough for them to become champions.

The Speeches

You would think that if you were a nominee, you have to go into the award show thinking you have a chance to win. It seemed like some of the award winners had absolutely no intent on preparing acceptance speeches, with the exception of a few, which made the production seem even more amateur.

Ebay Ads

The eBay Collection that’s “inspired” by athletes, seems like another gimmick at a bit much with their shameless plugs in between commercial breaks.

The Jimmy V Award for Perseverance

The Jimmy V Award for Perseverance was presented by NFL Hall-of-Fame QBs Dan Marino and John Elway. Fellow Hall-of-Fame QB Jim Kelly was the receipted of the award, but even at such a since delicate time, the writers still found a way to take one more stab and found a way to mention the Buffalo Bills losing 4 Super Bowls.

The Cameramen

As if the quality of the production wasn’t already questionable, on multiple occasions I noticed the cameramen cutting to award winners not knowing when to stand. With the way things were going, you would’ve thought this was the first time. Then there was the Game of Thrones thing with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, which seemed to be funny but somehow didn’t seem planned.

Danica Patrick vs Odell Beckham Jr.

Seemed to me there were just one too many OBJ jokes. Made me start to wonder about the two but then again, the writers must’ve been Cowboy fans.

And when did Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick become a thing? Last I knew Rodgers was with Olivia Munn. Well, I just googled it and I guess Patrick and Rodgers have been an item since earlier this year and the ESPYS were their first official red carpet appearance together as a couple.

Best Moment


The last-second heroics as the Minnesota Vikings defeated the New Orleans Saints took home the ESPY, but as great of a game that was, UMBC defeating Virginia in the NCAA Tournament should have been takers. The Retrievers became the first #16 seed to beat #1 seed in NCAA history.

Short & Suits

Between OBJ and Antonio Brown, what is up with this short suit fad? I understand its fashionable but cmon, it’s an award ceremony. I guess we have LeBron James and Russell Westbrook to thank for that. Well, despite my ramblings, it was a pretty good show. I wonder who they’ll have host next year?

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