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Top Five: Calendar Apps for Android

I have always been a fan of the minimalist approach featured on Apple devices. However, the functionality and features just doesn’t compare (in my opinion) to the many calendar apps available for Android. Overtime I’ve downloaded and sampled many calendar apps; and trust me, there’s a lot out there. But for whatever reason, I always seem to come back to these minimal, sleek, clean, and colorful apps. Here they are in no particular order.

Today Calendar

Today Calendar Pro is a clean mix between Google Calendar and Apple’s iOS Calendar. You have multiple views featuring a short calendar and a quick look at your agenda for the day. The Calendar’s background color can be changed, however color options are limited. I haven’t used this app in awhile so there could have been some major updates since the last time I used the app.

You also get a visually pleasing details page. A header with an image brings the page to life, while you vertically scroll through all the basic details needed for planning events and adding contacts. This was my go to calendar app for a long time until I started having issues synching my calendars. Later on that issue was resolved with a routine update.

“I don’t want to be distracted by colors, when all I want is a quick glance at my day…”

However, once I noticed the colorful adaptation of Google Calendar’s Agenda View, that was the deal breaker for me. Each event item adopts the background color of the calendar its associated with. I love being able to color code my calendars, but my personal preference on view leans more towards the agenda view you see paired with the short calendar. On another note, if you like this view, the event background colors can be easily customized simply by changing the colors assigned to each calendar. Overall, great app with visual appeal. I would highly recommend this app.

Microsoft Outlook

Let me start off here by saying, “If you’re reading this article, chances are high that you probably work in an office setting of some sorts and are already familiar with Microsoft Outlook.” MS Outlook provides a corporate look, with a focus on connecting professionals through an integrated email client and calendar. It’s actually a bit more complex than that, but to those who don’t care about bells and whistles, there you have it.

So like many of you, I also use Outlook for work. Not my personal preference, but there are a few things I like about this app. I admire its clean look, plus its minimal approach enhances readability and is easy on the eyes. One major drawback for me is that the synchronization on the email side is slower than what most people today have the patience for; which can become quite annoying. But I believe the Calendar sync is fine. I would only recommend Outlook if your looking for an app to manage your emails and calendars all in the same place.

Google Calendar

I have a Love/Hate relationship with Google Calendar, partially because I love Google products and Gmail is my main email client. I use the desktop version on a daily basis but the app not so much, although I probably should. All of Google’s products are made with integration in mind; which does come in handy, but the colors and imagery can be too vibrant at times. Images are assigned to events based on the description of the event type. These are selected at random which is the drawback for me. Outside of that, it’s a great calendar app all around. Maybe one day I’ll give it another go.

Samsung Calendar

I’ve been riding with Android and Samsung smartphones for a while now and I’ve never been a fan of the default Samsung Calendar that comes preloaded until now. Samsung has done a really nice job with the One UI design and new look to Samsung’s “default” S Calendar. With its updated look and design, the Samsung Calendar is right up my alley. The Calendar, Month, and Agenda views provide just enough color while the event details appear clear and legible.

Month Calendar Widget

I’m including Month Calendar Widget because although not a calendar app, a much needed calendar widget that will compliment any home screen setup. Since I typically go for the clean, minimal approach, this one right here suits me just fine and always seems to be my go to theme; and that’s the best part. Month Calendar Widget offers a free (and paid) version with a large selection of themes and styles to choose from, giving your device that desired custom look.

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