A Star is Born

I’ve watched so many movies, from mainstream to independent, that it’s almost easy to spot an actor or actress that have the “it” factor even before they become super famous.  Here are a few roles that help pave the way for these Hollywood A-list stars.

I think it’s so interesting to see the resumes of Hollywood’s finest and try to pinpoint movies and/or roles that help them hit it big.  Here’s just a few I could think of off the top of my head…

Sandra Bullock | Speed

Still, to this day I remember watching Speed in the theater and it’s still as action-packed today as it was when it premiered in theaters. With other big names like Keanu Reeves and Dennis Hopper headlining it was easy for Bullock to fly under the radar; that is until she practically stole the film. Save a bus full of people from exploding and head straight to Hollywood’s A-list! She’s pretty much money in the bank, with other blockbusters like The Blind Side and Gravity that makes her Hollywood gold!

Brad Pitt | Thelma & Louise

Thelma & Louise was a long time ago for one of Hollywood’s best leading men. Despite having a small role in the movie, its something about movies stars that when you see them on film you just know. From Action star to Drama filled theatrics, Pitt was more than likely a household name well before his Fight Club days and being married to a Mrs. Smith.

Michael B. Jordan | Fruitvale Station


Most were already familiar with Michael B. Jordan from his roles in NBC’s Friday Night Lights and HBO Series The Wire. With the success and buzz generated at the Sundance Film Festival, Fruitvale Station made its way to the big screen. Once I saw the film you could easily tell that he was destined for super-stardom.

Cameron Diaz | The Mask

Before we knew There’s Something About Mary, Diaz was starring alongside In Living Color’s own Jim Carry in The Mask. The film captured her quirky sex appeal, which most likely led her to Charlie’s Angels and other roles in The Other Woman and Bad Teacher.

You ever look back on an actors/actress career and see a movie they were in but when you watched it, you had no idea it was them?…

Well in the midst of checking out Hollywood’s A-list I stumbled onto these two gems that made me go, “Oh yeah, LOL…that was her/him in that movie.”

Bradley Cooper | Wedding Crashers

Remember how awesome Wedding Crashers was?! One of the funniest movies out there still to this day. Cooper’s raunchy comedy was a nice compliment to the dynamic duo of Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson as Cooper played the tormenting ex-boyfriend of Rachel McAdams character.

Kristen Stewart | Panic Room

Panic Room was a great movie led by Jodie Foster & Forest Whitaker. Stewart played Foster’s daughter in the film. Had no idea that was her, especially since I was convinced her character was a boy LOL; but now that I know it was her, I’m not surprised.

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